Conquer Gym Intimidation

Fitness facilities can be intimidating places. Many of those new to the gym, and even some regular gym goers, think that everyone else knows what they are doing, and/or that they are being watched or critiqued by others. These fears can lead to either just sticking to the familiar rather than venturing out and trying something new, or it may even keep some from going to the gym altogether.

If you want to bolster your confidence and conquer your gym fears, here are four ways you can do so:

Hire A Personal Trainer

Lack of education is a huge source of gym intimidation. Fitness facilities can often times feel like a foreign county with its own language and culture. Hiring a personal trainer is like hiring a guide in a foreign country. Besides designing a workout plan based on your personal needs and goals, they also teach you where the equipment is, how to use it, specific exercise terms and overall gym etiquette.  An excellent personal trainer is also an excellent educator. Trainers often offer a variety of options when it comes to plans and pricing which makes hiring them a very reasonable investment.

Attend Group Fitness Classes or Register for Small Group Training

Finding community at the gym is key for alleviating gym-going insecurities. Not only are group fitness classes a great way to meet other like-minded gym goers, they also provide a fun and easy means to introduce yourself to new forms of exercise and can be another great source of education.

Another way to build community and gain education is through small group training led by a personal trainer. These smaller groups provide a more intimate and personalized workout experience than you find in the larger group fitness setting.  The smaller group caters more to individual needs with like-minded individuals who have similar goals.

Workout With A Friend

There is always safety in numbers. Simply finding someone you can go to the gym with can greatly relieve gym anxiety. Even better is having a friend who is familiar with the gym and can teach you the ropes and acquaint you with the equipment. Having a workout partner also provides great accountability to ensure you stay committed to your goals.

Watch Online Videos

Online videos are a great source of education to learn about exercise and how to use gym equipment. Mind Pump TV, T-Nation, and Girls Gone Strong all have some great instructional videos on these topics.

By taking time to educate yourself and seek out community, you will greatly relieve any feelings of gym intimidation. Not only will the gym become a pleasant place to be, you will also look forward to and enjoy your workouts on a whole new level.




The information found on this blog is based on my own personal thoughts and opinions. I am not a doctor or registered dietician. Please be sure to consult your health care professional before starting or changing any fitness or nutrition program.



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Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo

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